Facilitating Group Decisions: A Tracking App Challenge (Part One)

This is Week #3 of the UX/UI Design Ironhack’s Bootcamp, and the challenge this time was to create a tracking app. Will I survive this process on my own?

Stage1: Empathize

The first step for this project was to look for brands that are already offering the kind of service I was looking to design.

A long list of features here
My Lean Survey Canvas

Stage2: Define

Working with the data collected, I put together the main things that stood out.

The Affinity Diagram
How Might We statements

Olivia needs to have all of her friends’ opinions before they make a decision to trust that everyone has been heard.

Olivia also wants to know that the others are on their way to the meetup location to avoid getting annoyed waiting too long over there.

The User Persona and her Journey

Stage3: Ideate

Now that we have defined our problems, we need to find solutions to them.

The MoSCoW chart helped me put order and prioritize the features of the app.
Sitemap and User Flow for the prototype

Stage4: Prototype

Let’s apply our solutions in the first prototype!

Paper prototyping is fun!
A few screens from the mid-fi prototype

What next?

This week’s project was a lot of fun. It was very exciting to work on my own after having worked as a team for the first two weeks of the Bootcamp but it also forced me to adjust the pace.

This is the first part of this project: to read about the UI Design process, click here.

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