For the challenging ultimate project of Ironhack’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp, I decided to design for a community that I didn’t know well. This is a concept app for Gender Transition Tracking.

Several screenshots of the app designs laid out, from the log in screen to the transition tracking and publishing process.

We often hear that Empathy is very valuable as a UX Designer. You have to learn about and empathize with situations or mindsets that aren’t your own, and this is what you need to use to design your solutions.

So, I wanted to take the opportunity of the final project…

This is Week #3 of the UX/UI Design Ironhack’s Bootcamp, and the challenge this time was to create a tracking app. Will I survive this process on my own?

This week has been pretty intense, it was the first challenge we had to take on individually since the start of the Bootcamp, and the timeframe to deliver was reduced to one week.

The instructions were to create a Tracking App. Today there are plenty of apps that will track…

A Gin pins collection

For the first two weeks of our UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Ironhack Amsterdam, we had to work on an E-commerce project. The original guideline said, more precisely, a local E-commerce project.

The idea was that “local shops often suffer a decrease in their annual sales due to more and more adoption in online purchases through options like Amazon or eBay.” But due to the pandemic, this aspect had to be reconsidered. My partner in design, Matty Acton, was working from Spain…

For Ironhack’s July session’s prework I had to reverse engineer the wireframing from the app of my choice, as the second challenge. I chose to work on the Etsy mobile app for two main reasons: the first one being that I’m a regular user of this app so I felt…

Delphine Brunetière

UX Designer focused on creating meaningful & lasting bonds through technology. I want to design experiences that bring people together for real! she/her

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